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Cal Poly Students and Faculty at Re/Collecting Day

Cal Poly students and faculty working on the Re/Collecting Day project, May 19, 2012. Students interviewed members of the local Filipino community and…

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Carte de visite of Tomas Higuera Family

The Tomas Higuera Family. Seated: Mrs. Blandina Higuera Castro, Mrs. Refugio Higuera Weimer, Mrs. Guadalupe Higuera Villa (Roberto). Standing: Mike…

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Interview with Arcadia Lapiz

Arcadia Lapiz is interviewed for the Re/Co project at the 2013 Loonanon Pioneers Annual Fiesta in Santa Maria, California. She describes how she…

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Filipino Love Stories

Love blossomed under unusual circumstances for the first wave of Filipinos to arrive to the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. This forthcoming…

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Katie and Primo Olvera

In the flower fields of Lompoc (maybe sweet pea). Katie holding a bouquet.

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The Re/Collecting Project is an “ethnic studies memory project of California's Central Coast.” Our aim is to digitally capture and make publicly accessible the rich history of the diverse—yet under-documented—communities of the region.

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"Filipino Love Stories" online exhibit has launched! Traveling exhibit is also available.

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