Dawn Kamiya Collection

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Dawn Kamiya Collection


Items in this collection were created at the November 17, 2012 Re/Collecting Day at the San Luis Obispo Buddhist Temple.

Items in the Dawn Kamiya Collection Collection

Map of Japanese-owned businesses in the town of Guadalupe, California. Also available at japantownatlas.com/map-guadalupe.html.

Tanaka family photo at the altar dedication (nyubutsu shiki) for the Guadalupe Buddhist Church. Mr. Umekichi Tanaka, a widower, was the first to bring his children to the Guadalupe Children's Home, bringing two of his oldest daughters, Toshiko and…

Group portrait of Military Intelligence Services. The civilian military instructors are in regular suits.

A panoramic photograph of the Gila River Relocation Camp in Arizona.

Dawn Kamiya was the chairperson of the 100th anniversary celebration of the Guadalupe Buddhist Church. Present was the great-great-grandson of the church's first reverend after the church was founded in 1909. The Tanaka family donated obutsudan. The…

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