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Rosalie Marquez Collection


Rosalie Marquez is the President of the Filipino American National Historical Society, California Central Coast Chapter, and a native of the area. She is the daughter of Santiago "Jimmy" Salutan and Mary Olvera Salutan. Her father came to Hawaii in 1926 then to the U.S. mainland in 1929 as an American "national" when the Philippines was a colonial territory. He met Mary Salutan, a Mexican American, in Lompoc, California, working in the fields. Because of anti-miscegenation laws in California, the couple eloped in Yuma, Arizona, in 1935. This collection contains digitized photographs, interviews, and letters from the local Filipino American and Mexican American communities.

Items in the Rosalie Marquez Collection Collection

This is the barn that was next to the home in the original picture.

Santiago with tractor he used for work.

Jimmy Tan training for boxing match.

The bridge near Surf, CA was where Rosalie's mother and father met to elope. Rosalie seached for its location.

Sunday outings were beach parties. Taken in Surf, CA. They made leis out of ice plant. Parents are in the 3rd row, on the right. Aunt Katie (Katie Santillan), b. 1931, is the girl in front row.

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