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Lily Aradanas Collection

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The first photograph that Pedro Aradanas saw of Angeles "Lily" Trinidad, which started "everything." Lily had sent this photograph to her cousin, Cornelio "Connie" Barbon who worked at the P.I. Market in Salinas, California. In 1948, Pedro sees…

Lily Aradanas wears a traditional Filipino "terno" dress, also known as a "mestiza dress." According to Lily, the dress is a symbol of class, embodying the Spanish concept of a "lady."

Lily is pictured here performing in Pedro Aradanas's hometown at his uncle's school of fashion. After marrying in 1953, Pedro returns to the United States while Lily remained in the Philippines, in part because it was difficult to obtain a visa.…

One of things that attracted Lily to Pedro was his love letters. This letter she keeps in her purse. After finally arriving to the United States, the couple are separated again while Lily has to stay at a hospital to observe a growth that appeared in…

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