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Anghilita Vea Collection

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Juanito Domin with Nedina Asencio when Nedina was 15 years old. Juanito was Nedina's biological grandfather and Anghilita Vea's first husband. Juanito and Anghilita met and married in the Philippines, at the start of the Second World War. He was a…

Anghilita "Nene" Vea and her second husband Victor Maratas are pictured here in a park. This was taken at a Loonanon Pioneers celebration. Anghilita and Victor met in Santa Maria, California, where many Filipinos like her husband and her father…

Anghilita "Nene" Vea and her third husband, Andres "Andy" Vea, at Beverly Cortez's wedding in San Francisco.

Seen in photograph front row (L-R): Emily Maratas, Francine Vallejo, Jeanie Ryan, Romeo Maratas or Ernesto Vallejo; top row (L-R): Victor Maratas, Linda Vallejo, Maria Domin, Beverly Cortez, Martha Maratas.

Nedina Asencio and Carolyn Maria Domin in a field.

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