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Samson Mante Collection

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Pictured are the original pioneers from Loon. Samson's father, Fortunato, originally came to the U.S. with a group of cousins. He came with a labor program (he was originally supposed to go to Hawaii). Pictured in the photo are all first degree…

Aunt Trinidad Bulilis (owner of store, top left) and Fortunato (next person in back row) are pictured. Fortunato attended Harnell College in Salinas before attending Cal Poly. Others pictured are unknown.

Family farming and fishing / dried fish barter system for potatos & rice from Pismo Beach area during the Depression. Photograph probably taken in 1945 or 1946, based on Fortunato's navy rank marked on his uniform. He had already finished his term in…

Adults dancing at the beach. Fortunato Relampagos is dancing with unknown woman. People from all over gather at the beach each year to camp out. Picture probably taken in the 1930s, before father joined service.

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