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Susy Eto Bauman Collection

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Pictured, top row from left to right: Take Eto, holding Grace (born in Los Osos), Alice (born in Oso Flaco), Toshiko (born in Oso Flaco), Kofugi (oldest, born in Arroyo Grande), Tameji Eto. Bottom row, from left to right: Nancy (born in Los Osos),…

Before and after Susy Eto Bauman was born, the local Japanese American families would have picnics like this usually at Pismo Beach in the summer. Susy's father, Tameji Eto, would organize. The big canvas was spread out to cover the picnic area.

Written on the back of the photograph: "June 8, 1936. Teacher: Mrs. Van Patten. Son Nicholas." Susy Eto played the piano.

Wedding of Sumuko "Susy" Eto and Leo T. Kikuchi. Susy said she was happy because she loved her husband but sad to be leaving her family.

Susy Kikuchi came to show off her car to her family in San Luis Obispo, California. The Kikuchi's were driving to Pasadena, California for the Rose Parade. Pictured from left to right: Susy Kikuchi holding her son Ron Kikuchi (10 months old), Mary…

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