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Arlene Zanchuck Collection

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Hand tinted studio portrait of the wedding of Arlene Villa and William Zanchuck. They were married at the Old Mission Church in San Luis Obispo, California. Verso: Holographic notes describe couple's dress and colors, written by the photographer for…

"Thomas B. Higuera aged 68 years 3 days. This is an outline of the pewter cross in the Old Mission Museum. It is Tomas Higuera's discovered by Yvonne Villa Blythe and Anne Doser Rice, great-great granddaughters. Traced by Arlene Zanchuck, great…

"Frank Villa and Henry Minetti cofounders of Coast Truck and Garage in Cayucos. The truck was a Packard purchased for $3,300. Verso: Jennie Villa, Frank Villa, Henry Minetti, Americo Righetti"

"Frank Villa and Henry Minetti's $3,300 2nd hand truck used in the service for transportation of frieght and dairy products. This went into service Jan. 1912 as Coast Truck Co." Verso: "Frank Villa and Henry Minetti's Truck Emilio Dughi standing"

Photo of Roberto and Guadalupe Villa's house 24 Cypress St. Cayucos

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