Alan Eto Collection

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Alan Eto Collection


Items in this collection were created at the November 17, 2012 Re/Collecting Day at the San Luis Obispo Buddhist Temple.

Items in the Alan Eto Collection Collection

This is Tameji Eto's social security card, which he received before he became a United States citizen.

The Japanese Imperial country issued this passport to Tameji Eto, which includes a translation and his photograph.

This is Tameji Eto's certificate for completing a course in United States citizenship. He took the class at Arroyo Grande High School. The background is decorated in a green design. It is also signed by the instructor, district superintendent, and…

This is a political consulting letter attempting to help Tameji Eto's relatives. He wanted to get his relatives to the United States so they could have a better life.

This permit is a small sized cardboard paper folded in half. It is a permit to enter Japan and only permits a one return journey.

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