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Interview Clips

Interview Clips

Collected on this page are all of the interview clips featured on this online exhibit and with a thematic focus on marriage from different generations of Filipino Americans. Relevant clips also appear on some of the stories archive pages. 

Clicking on one of the thumbnails below will open up a new tab and take you to the Re/Co Project YouTube channel, where the clip can be viewed. The videos include closed captioning and transcripts.

These are but some of the interviews conducted with the Re/Co Project. To view the entire video or to access other interviews, contact the Special Collections and Archives department at the Robert E. Kennedy Library (

Pioneer Generation Marriages
Most of the Filipinos who migrated to the United States when the Philippines was under U.S. colonial rule were young, single men. The stories included in these two sections (Pioneer Generation and Balikbayan Marriages) emerge from this context where there were very few Filipina women and where there were legal and social restrictions against interracial relationships. This section, Pioneer Generation Marriages, includess stories from and about the manongs/manangs who came to the U.S. mainland in the 1920s and 1930s as well as their children who were born in the U.S. during the Philippine colonial and commonwealth period (1898-1946).

Lanzaderas clip Alfonso clip

Rose Lanzaderas describes how she and her husband eloped.

Jay Alfonso tells the story of how she meets her true love, a Filipino Hawaiian soldier.

Mosqueda clip Edar clip

Annie Mosqueda discusses marrying young and being one of the few Filipinas among many bachelors.

Ronald Edar on meeting his wife Leta and on why his parents eloped to Half Moon Bay.

Edar clip Edar clip

Ronald and Violeta Edar on letter writing, dating, getting married, and Vietnam War.

Susie Tacbas Nabor on how her parents, Angel and Maria, met and married.

Marquez clip Marquez clip

Rosalie Marquez describes culture and language in her Filipino-Mexican home.

Rosalie Marquez on how her parents, Jimmy and Mary Salutan, expressed love through music.

Marquez clip Marquez clip

The secret and taboo love affair between Rosalie Marquez's parents.

Jimmy Salutan leaves the Philippines because of a broken heart.

Talaugon clip Talaugon clip

Joe Talaugon talks about how his mother, Chumash Indian, met and married his Filipino father

Margie Talaugon, on the Spanish influence on her family dynamics and on many elopements

Richards clip Vea clip

Julia Richards on why her parents, Benny Daquilanea and Juanita Yuloa, married

Anghilita Vea discusses her struggles and childbirth during WWII in the Philippines

Balikabayan Marriages
With the Second World War, some Filipino men who had settled in the U.S. were able to return to the Philippines for the first time as balikbayans (returning migrants), sometimes to find wives. In this section, one will find stories about marriages between War Brides and servicemen as well as between postwar balikbayans and young, Filipina brides.

Quilly Pergis clip Carlon clip

Quilly Pergis gives the story of how his parents met during WWII in the Philippines. His father, who came to the US in the 1920s, was drafted during WWII. 

Lolita Carlon describes how she meets and marries her husband in the Philippines, and working in the strawberry fields after arriving to the US.

Lapiz Clip Aradanas clips

Arcadia Lapiz on the decision to marry her husband, Apolonio, and her adjustment to the US. 

Lily Aradanas on the photograph that starts the pen pal relationship with her future husband.

Aradanas clips Aradanas clips

Lily continues the story of becoming Pedro's penpal.

Lily Aradanas discusses her decision to marry Pedro. 

Aradanas clips Labastida clip

Lily Aradanas sings "Love Letters."

Labastida brothers describe how a US soldier in the Philippines meets his wife, a war bride.

Labastida clip

Clifford and Robert Labastida on their mother's acculturation, from Philippines to U.S.

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