Filipino Love Stories

About the Traveling Exhibit

About the Traveling Exhibit
In Spring 2014, The Robert E. Kennedy Library's Spring 2014 exhibit Objects of Affection included the exhibit, Filipino Love Stories. The library exhibits curator Catherine Trujillo and her student design team--Carla Bernal, Adriana Duarte, Charlie Refvem, and Ragini Sahai--designed the Filipino Love Stories section of the exhibit so that it could travel beyond the Kennedy Library project and into the communities from which the stories were drawn. This traveling exhibit made its community debut at the 2014 Loonanon Pioneers Fiesta in Santa Maria, California.

Image of the traveling exhibit

Student Design Process, Learn By Doing
Third-year architecture students, Carla Bernal and Adriana Duarte, met the design challenge and unique parameters required for the exhibit. The exhibit needed to be easily adaptable to many environments, such as a venue without walls or an outdoor rural environment. Additionally, the structure needed to be able to travel easily by car.

The architecture students created their design based on a nesting concept--each frame fits within a larger structure. The largest structure's dimensions fits within a car trunk or back seat. The architecture students collaborated with Mechanical Engineering student Charlie Refvem to refine their design and fabricate the structures. The final project resulted in four nesting structures, which hold didactic panels designed by Art and Design student Ragini Sahai, telling the Filipino love stories of the Central Coast. 

Learn By Doing
If you are interested in featuring the Filipino Love Stories exhibit, please contact Grace Yeh for more information. 

Dr. Grace Yeh
Ethnic Studies Dept.
(805) 756-6229

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About the Traveling Exhibit