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The first Filipino American mayor in the United States. The Harvest Festival is an annual event in Arroyo Grande, often celebrated with a Gay Nineties theme.

"Blue Ribbon" vegetables on display at the Santa Barbara County Fair in Santa Maria.

Shown from L to R: Roque Bayona, Aurelio Hortillosa, Antonio Reyes (nephew of Salvador and Mary Reyes) and Benny R. Betita (cousin of Salvador).

Suckling pig roasted on a spit over oak charcoal for several hours, then brought to the house for carving and serving. In photograph from left to right: Aurelio Hortillosa, Gerry Hortillosa, and Roque Bayona.

Taken in the Reyes residence backyard.

Mary and Genoveba Reyes are pictured at a food stall at a "sabong," or cockfight. Genoveba is the young girl seated on the table.

Photograph taken in Reyes residence living room. This photograph appeared in "Philippine Press" magazine under (grossly exaggerated) headline entitled "Millionaire farmers in America." Standing: Gabriel de Leon. Seated from left to right: Yoshiko de…

Seated for dinner in a Las Vegas restaurant. Pictured from left to right: Yoshiko de Leon, Mary Reyes, Salvador Reyes, Gabriel de Leon. The Reyeses and de Leons often vacationed together, albeit vacations were few and far between because of the…

Packing label for Reyes & Betita's farm in Arroyo Grande, California. The label reads, "Produce of U.S.A. Carabao Selected Vegetables. Grown and packed by Reyes & Betita, Arroyo Grande, California." The image depicts a farmer on a cart pulled by a…

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Certificate reads, "United States Treasury Department. In appreciation of services rendered in behalf of the War Finance Program this citation is awarded to Salvador D. Reyes, Chairman Filipino Association. Given under my hand and seal on Jan 1st,…


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