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Handwritten notes from Barbara Finn. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were subject to a curfew. Farmers had to arrange traveling to Santa Barbara, California after curfew. Annotated by Barbara in 2005.

Notes that Barbara Finn took on her father Ken Kitasako's memories. Provides documentation of Guadalupe, California.

Career information on Dr. Wat Sutow.

Tulare Assembly Center drawn by George Matsuura. Scroll of family distribution.

Setsuo and Yoshiko Aratani and their son, George. George Aratani became an importer-exporter and a philanthropist. Ken Kitasako was very close with the Aratani family. Ken worked from Aratani family in high school as a summer job. Ken gradauted from…

Mr. and Mrs. Saka with four children. The Saka's were good friends with the Kitasako's.

All men on the baseball team were from Guadalupe. On the backside, photograph is signed from James Tomooka to Barbara Finn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kitasako.


Ken Kitasako wrote this recollection out for Barbara, his daughter.

These are four pages that Ken Kitasako had written from camp, representing four different letters to notify War Relocation Authority to dispose of items.

Setsuo Aratani (seated) and Tameji Eto (standing). Occasion for the portrait unknown.

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