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1st Picture: Pete Maratas, Leon Leornas, Don Leornas. 2nd Picture: Leon Leornas, Melan Maratas, Nori Carlon. 4th Picture: Leon Leornas, Leon Leornas, Leonard Leornas.

Leon Leornas.

Christening took place in Santa Maria after church. On the far left is Leon Leornas. In his lap is Leon Leornas. Next to him is Eunice Leornas. In her lap is Patricia Leornas. At the top of the photograph is Nori Carlon. The baby below is Nora. Third…

Clifford Leornas was a Marine stationed in North Carolina. He died in 1998.

Leon and Donesia (wife) Leornas visiting in the Philippines.

Don Leornas at Triestina Hurta's wedding. He passed away in 2010.

Leon, Pat, Don and Jane Leornas celebrating Mother's Day (all siblings). Missing Clifford and Leonard Leonoras.

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