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Top Row: 3rd from left is Virginia Plaza, 4th from left is Henrietta Bacolot, 5th from left is Tony Bacolot. Middle Row: 4th from left is Inez Bueno Carlon, 5th from left is Rachel Bueno Bragado, 6th from left is Karina Campoamor. Last Row: 2nd from…

This is a letter from President Truman for recognition of service of Baldo Mero Bacolot. Letter received from the White House.

This is a letter of honorable discharge for Baldo Mero who fought in WWII. He was first stationed in Port Douglas, Washington, then in New Guinea and then discharged while in Ft. Luis, Washington.

Document of honorable discharge for Baldo Mero.

This is an issued document cerifying the birth/baptism of Baldo Mero. Received from the Parish. Parents: Valerino Bacolot (Father) and Maria Lopez (Mother). Birthdate: May 16, 1907. Baptized on May 18, 1907.

This is a copy of a receipt of the birth certificate.

This is a letter in response to a request for Baldo Mero's birth certificate. The original certificate was destroyed during WWII.

Top Row: Leonard Bueno Bacolot, Rosita Bueno Bacolot, Larry Anthony Bacalot, Frank David Bacolot, Mary Inez Bueno Bacolot. Bottom Row: Sally Dolores Bacolot, Henrietta Bueno Bacolot, Jimmy Bueno Bacolot, Pauline Angela Bacolot.

Baldo Mero Bacolot (Father), Henrietta Bueno Bacalot (Mother), Theodore Bueno Bacolot (Brother). Theodore died during WWII from T.B. when he was 18 months old. He was born in 1942 (same year Baldo and Henrietta were married).

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