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Julian Edar with his children, Joan, Pat, and Ronald.

Two boys, Ronald Edar and friend, play in the yard.

Mary Edar, on right, with Mr. and Mrs. Dacuyan.

A few Filiipino men have prepared a way to cook fish in a metal bin over a fire.

Joan Edar, 11 years old, is pictured with her classmates at school.

Party in Los Berros, 1933. Julian and Mary Edar are in the middle of the bottom row, holding a child, probably their daughter Joan. A few men are posing with musical instruments.

Mr. Montalban photographed in a vegetable field.

Inscribed on back of photograph: "This is I when I was taken wearing a pants. I hate the man behind me the old man the father of Mayang. I didn't know he as snap also. Mrs. F. H. Subido". (See 116 for front of photo)

Includes photograph of Eulogio Lor at the P.I. Market.

Photographs include: Pelegio in uniform with Mrs. Degal and child; "Mary & her Sis-in-law Bernie. San Francisco. "49""; "Loy Gongora and his sis and Joan. July 1946" (middle right photo, inscribed on back of photograph); Joan Edar and two women, all…

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