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Inscribed on photograph: "Wadding in the Beach. Pismo. "44"." Mary Edar is in the photograph.

Andy Catayas working at a grocery store perhaps.

Vincent and Lucille embrace.

Inscribed on photograph: "In Livingston, Calif. Florence. 1947."


Inscribed on photograph: "3 compadre's Edar, Lor, Jaquilly". On far left is Julian Edar. In the middle is Eulogio Lor dressed as a grocer. Probably taken near P.I. Market in Pismo Beach, California.

Two Filipino soldiers preparing fish.

Inscribed on back of photograph: "Mar 5 - 44. To Tony Maginsay. This is the (3) three Romeo's --?" Two Filipino Regiment members with friend.

Two Filipino soldiers behind a cannon.

Inscribed on back of photograph: "This was taken on our maneuver on Hunter Liggits, Calif. Bill"

Filipino Regiment

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