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Inscribed on the photograph: "My 'dad,' P. Ebon. Feb. 17, 1946." Mary Edar's maiden name is Ebon.

Inscribed on reverse side of the photograph: "Leta 's & Ronnie's wedding reception at Daguhoy hall. Sept 11-65." The Edar couple first married in Reno, Nevada, when Ron had leave from the military. They had their reception a year later in Stockton,…

Ronald and Violeta Edar at their wedding reception in Daguhoy Lodge of the Legionarios del Trabajo in Stockton, California.

Mabuhay Cafe

Julian Edar, Antonina Magadia, and Benjamin Magadia at the A.F.O.L. Hall in Stockton.

Yearly meeting and formal of the Daguhoy Lodge of the Legionarios del Trabajo. Pictured here are the women, perhaps wives of the lodge members, who have been with the lodge for twenty or more years. Julian Edar and Benjamin Magadia (fathers of…

Joan, age 10, with Dolores, at Shell Beach.

Julian Edar is pictured on the far right, holding a child (possibly his daughter, Joan).

Eulogio Lor was one of the stockholders and owners of the P.I. (Philippine Islands) Market. He is pictured here at the market.

Inscribed on back of the photograph: "1949. Filiciano, Connie Jhao, Joan. In front of the house."

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