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Bill and Arlene posed in front of a home. Bill is making hand ears to Arlene. Verso: "Bill (27) Arlene (25)".

Photo of William Zanchuck and Arlene Villa Zanchuck taken in front of 24 Chorro St. San Luis Obispo; the home of Cora and Frank Villa. ("December 1945 was the year William was discharged. We were engaged in this photo." -- comments from Arlene.)

Verso: "Frank Villa Family. Rear: Arlene (Zanchuck), Lucille (Doser). Front: Cora Pedrotta Villa, Elwood Villa, Frank Villa. Taken 1943 or 1944".

Telegram Tribune article on Arlene Zanchuck and the "Arf Girls."

"Arf Girls" were Arlene Villa (Zanchuck), Neva Negranti (Noggle), Joyce Mathison (Carsceden), Doris Negranto (Filipponi) Lucille Villa (Doser). [According to Arlene Zanchuck, "You were instructed never to turn a soldier down to dance."]

USO Dance at Camp San Luis Men's gym. Arlene Villa (Zanchuck) is third from left with elbows on stage. Verso: "Men's Gym - Camp San Luis Obispo 1943 or 1944. Catherine Hanrahan, Arlene Villa, Joyce Mathison Carsdura."

USO dance at Camp San Luis Service Hall. Arlene Villa (Zanchuck) is in the crowd. Verso: "Service Club Camp San Luis Obispo Dec. 1943 or 1944. Grigg paid hostess. June Guesa O'Hara. Photo by Lennie Camp Studio Camp San Luis Obispo."

Postcard photo of Villa siblings: Arlene Villa (Zanchuck), Lucille Villa (Doser) and Elwood Villa.

Junior college portrait of Arlene Villa (Zanchuck) [Arlene knitted her own sweater]

Verso: "Pia Villa, Cora Villa, Frank Villa, James Pedrotta, Hilda Villa, Dave Vanoni".

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