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This is a request for transportation of property by Nancy Eto. She wants to ship the property to Rt. 2 Payette, Idaho.

This is a form for the notice of action on application for leave clearance for Nancy Eto. The form allowed showed that she is eligible to be entered on a list of thoser cleared for indefinite leave.

Kofuji Eto's Certificate of Identification for alien residents. The first page is pink and is stamped by the Postmaster. The Registration number is AR-395. The inside of the booklet contains a picture of Take Eto and her right index fingerprint. Her…

This is the passport issued by the Japanese Imperial Government for Kofugi Eto, oldest daughter of Tameji and Take Eto. Kofugi went back to Japan to study.

This is a $1500 collective draft. It is a Pacific-Southwest Trust & Savings Bank draft. Tameji Eto was elected to be the one responsible for collecting this draft.

This is a money order from 1908 for $25 sent her brother. They were having a hard time so the Eto's wanted to help their family.

This is a tax statement assessed to Tameji Eto for his Nippon tract. It contains an installment payment plan.

This is the first installment receipt for Tameji Eto and the property in the Nippon Tract for lots 23 and 24. It contains two separate pages that are stapled together. One page is yellow and the other is pink.

This permit is a small sized cardboard paper folded in half. It is a permit to enter Japan and only permits a one return journey.

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