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Hilario Ped used to play with a band, performing in the area including Guadalupe, California at a club and at Paulding Gym. As Nina Borja, his daughter, describes, their house was always filled with music.


Carmen Juanich turning over gavel over to new officer--1990 in the Filipino Community Hall in Santa Maria. Seen in the third picture from the right (L-R): Cres Ledda, Nenita Dagdagan, Carmen Juanich.

Seen in photograph: Nickie Tolentino and Manuel Garcia

This is a tax statement assessed to Tameji Eto for his Nippon tract. It contains an installment payment plan.

This is a letter in response to a request for Baldo Mero's birth certificate. The original certificate was destroyed during WWII.

This painting was done by muralist Carlos Cuellar, a Santa Barbara artist who painted the mural in Lompoc on Filipino Americans. The artist saw a photograph of Rosalie Marquez's father, and was inspired to create this portrait. Santiago's likeness…

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According to Dawn Kamiya, her father was the only Asian on the basketball team as well. This is a copy of an article by Dan Krieger and friend of Paul Kurokawa.

Pictured from left to right in front of the display of Japanese culture at the Santa Maria Historical Society Museum: Unknown, George Utsunomiya, Dawn Kamiya, Peggy Araki. Dawn set up the display at museum, which was viewed by visiting schools.…


Luis Orcales became a naturalized United States citizen on August 6, 1945. Orcales was born in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, in 1906 and passed away in Santa Barbara, California, in 1975. He arrived to San Francisco March 30, 1928, when he was about 22…

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