Reydel Selected Vegetables Packing Label

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Reydel Selected Vegetables Packing Label


Label reads, "Selected Vegetables, Produce of U.S.A. Reydel. Packed by Reyes & De Leon Packing Co. Guadalupe, California." The image at the bottom right is of two fighting cocks. Salvador Reyes and Gabe De Leon were partners of this company.

Salvador Dolendo Reyes (b. November 28, 1901 - d. November 18, 1967) migrated to the U.S. in the early 1920s from Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, Philippines. As his daughter Genoveba Breitstein explained, Reyes "worked in agriculture on farms up and down the coast, saving as much money as he could, until he could buy land and start out on his own. He worked in the fields at a place called Watson Ranch in Guadalupe--sugar beets, but he didn’t really like it." In the 1930s, Breitstein's parents "lived in a little house which they rented at Steele Ranch (out in the hills on Huasna Road outside of Arroyo Grande) where they share-cropped--mostly sweet peas. They counted on getting water from the rain--there was no irrigation system there--and they sold their produce to small stores."

According to Breitstein, Reyes and Gabriel de Leon "formed a trucking company together--at the same time they were also farming in Oso Flaco. Their packing shed was in Guadalupe right next to the railroad tracks--the produce could be uploaded to refrigerated train cars straight from the shed. I have vivid memories of train cars full of ice. (A little anecdote: My dad and Gabe had two-way radios installed in their cars, and I can remember as kids, we would call each other up: "Car 1 calling Car 2", "Car 1 calling Car 2"? There was also a radio at the Guadalupe Packing shed where they could talk with Bill Rey, their Manager.) My Dad bought farm land in Oceano, and at the height of his career also rented farmland in the Branch area, at the Adobe ranch (which is now the Talley Winery), as well as the land around the homestead. There was also the Reyes & de Leon Trucking Co. We hired truck drivers who would haul the produce to markets in Los Angeles and San Francisco daily. I remember when we no longer had the trucking company, having to drive the produce myself (in my ‘Uncle’ Philip's truck) to Arroyo Grande Trucking (near where the Catholic church--St. Patrick’s--used to be), and get it off-loaded, and they would drive it to the market. My brother and I worked every summer on the farm."

Gabe De Leon's biography was given in the 1987 Lifestyle section of the Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder in celebration of his 80th birthday: "Born March 18, 1907 in Obando, Bulcacan, Philippines, he grew up providing for his mother and seven brothers and sisters. On December 16, 1926, at the age of 19, he left Manila and arrived in San Francisco on January 12, 1927. He was employed by W.M. Watson Company as a field laborer and cook at a labor camp located between Santa Maria and Guadalupe. From 1929 to 1933, he worked at a Filipino store in Guadalupe and then at a Japanese store in Santa Maria until 1937. He served as treasurer for the Guadalupe Filipino Community during that time. While working in the Japanese store, he met and married Yoshiko Tanaka who was also working there. In June of 1938 the couple went to the Philippines where their son Martin was born. The family moved back to California settling in Pismo Beach in 1939. The following year, they moved to Watsonville and opened a small store. After the war broke out, DeLeon bought several farm crops in the Edna area of San Luis Obispo County. While the family farmed in Edna from 1942 to the mid-1940’s, Yoshiko DeLeon gave birth to Patricia in September 1944. Later in 1944 DeLeon bought two parcels of land, a home on three and a half acres in Arroyo Grande and 31 acres outside the city limits..."


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