Vincent Antonio, Jr.

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Vincent Antonio, Jr.


This photograph of Vincent Antonio, Jr. was taken in Chicago, Illinois. Vincent's father, Vicente Antonio, worked as a farm laborer In Montana, but during the winters when there was no work in the fields, would go to Chicago where his brother, Eduardo Antonio worked. Vicente continued going to Chicago in the winter even after he married and had children, until the family settled in California. Eduardo Antonio was a photographer and took this photograph of his nephew. According to Vincent, his uncle took up photography as his side job and hobby. In Chicago, Eduardo worked as a cashier for 30 years for Donnelley and Donnelley Publishing House. Eduardo eventually became an architect. Vincent remembers moving from Montana to California and going through red hills around Las Vagas, Nevada.He asked his father's friend why the hills were red. He tells young Vincent that they drove all the pigs off the hills and made them red. This is Vincent's only memory of that trip, wondering how many pigs it would take to turn the hills that red. His father drove truck with their pigs and chickens. In California, the family first moved in with a friend for about 6 months in upper Arroyo Grande, near Huasna Road. They family then bought place in Grover City, under Vincent's mother's name because she was an American citizen, while Vicente was not. The family moved to California because they had friends here and because the terrain was similar to where Vicente was raised and farmed with his father in Lawag, Ilocos Norte. Vincen taught social sciences and life sciences and coached at Arroyo Grande High School for 28 years. He started teaching in Portland, Oregon until he moved back to California, where he first taught in Fremont, California.


Chicago, Illinois


January 24, 1942


Eduardo Antonio


Vincent A. Antonio, Jr.


Black and white photograph


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