Hilario Ped's Sheet Music Collection

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Hilario Ped's Sheet Music Collection


Hilario "Larry" Ped's sheet music collection. Many of them have his name written on them. Hilario Ped used to play with a band, performing in the area including Guadalupe, California at a club and at Paulding Gym. As Nina Borja, his daughter, describes, their house was always filled with music. Music in this collection includes: "I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart" (1938), "Alone" (1935), "(Is It) Love or Infatuation" (1937), "The Moon of Manakoora" (1937), "You Go To my Head" (1938), "Cheek to Cheek" (1935), "Song of Surrender" (1933), "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain" (1931), "I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)" (1939), "How'dja Like to Love Me" (1938), "There Goes That Song Again" (1944), "How Strange" (1939), "I Double Dare You" (1937), "Three on a Match" (1932), "Star Gazing" (1935), "Lights Out (Close Your Eyes and Dream of Me)" (1935), "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" (1937), "Sweet as a Song" (1937) , "The Rose in Her Hair" (1935), "Everybody Loves Carmelita" (1931).


c. 1930-1944


Hilario Ped


Nina Ped Borja


Digital color photographs of title pages


Photograph by Catherine Trujillo








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