How to use this site

We are still working to improve this site. Below are a few tips to help you navigate the site.

  • To browse through individual items, go to the "Archive" tab. To browse by donors who have contributed to the archive, go to the "Collections" tab.
  • There is a search box at the top right corner of the page. Try searching by name, places, or keywords. You can also open up the advanced search option by clicking on the "+" next to the search box.
  • For each item, the image on the page is a thumbnail. To view a larger image, click on the image thumbnail.
  • If an item has multiple files associated with it, the file thumbnails are viewable at the bottom of the page. 
  • The images on this website are presented for web delivery. Also, the site includes the lower resolution images out of respect for our donors and to discourage improper use of the images (see rights language tab). For higher resolution files, please contact the project director.
  • The project includes video and audio interviews, many with transcripts. These are not yet available through the website. We are also still collecting new materials. If you are interested in learning more about what materials were collected but not available through this project site, please contact the project director. 
  • Currently, the website does not have a space to provide comments for each item. The items and the information presented on this site are contributed by community members. Because some of the items are from prior generations, the information may be incomplete. If you have any additional information on items presented here or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know. 

Thank you!
Dr. Grace Yeh, Project Director
(805) 756-6229

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